Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last week

Last week we got to do something we haven't done in 5 years. Go on vacation! We went to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was wonderful! The last time we went, Savannah was 7, she's now 12, Lilah and Lona were 2, they're now 7 and Ella was turning 1, and she's 6 now. Noah and Izzy weren't even on the radar. So really, Savannah was the only one who remembered what the beach was like and for everyone else it was new. Also, the last time we went, Savannah was the only one who didn't try to eat the sand.
The kids loved the ocean. They wore themselves out in it. It was so great to watch them enjoy themselves so much. It's thrilling to see a child's soul filled up and overflowing with excitement. Another thing that caused a lot of excitement was the elevators. Everyday, the question of the day was "Can I push the alligator button?" How can you even think about saying no to that?


  1. Glad you guys where able to get away and make some family memories-Candice

  2. It's great to getaway as a family and refuel!Love the picture of the kids :)

  3. What a beautiful sweet family! So glad you were able to get away together! Looks like a fun place. With love, ~Mare