Sunday, January 24, 2010

Plane fuel... Could you help?

Got this word by email this morning by a parent in our group adopting from Haiti... Could you help??

"We do have a FEW very generous people that are willing to put in large amounts of money to get us jet fuel to get home. That's Plan A. That gave us what we needed to tell the people trying to find us a plane that we can pay for it. Please find us a plane. Please get us home.

What if we could ease that burden a bit. What if we could find smaller amounts from a larger number of people. What if each of you reading this could find someone to give $10? What if some of you reading this could find someone else to give $100? A few people could give $1,000?

If you've already donated, will you see who else you know can assist? If you're not in a position to spare $10, will you find someone else who can?Will you help me? Will you see if you can find us $10? $25? $100? $1,000? Can more people help to bear this burden that it, too, may be light? Let's fuel it, shall we?"

You can donate with the Hope For Little Angels of Haiti paypal button!!

Many Blessings as we serve Christ Jesus, who is worthy!

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