Saturday, November 28, 2009

long time no blog

I need to get caught up here.

A lot has happened at home as well as in Haiti.

I'll start with Haiti first. You may have read on my husband's blog that we are out of IBESR, which miraculously happened much quicker than expected. We are now finalizing funds required to enter the next stage in the paper journey. Please pray, if you would for this stage of the paper work and funds as well. As far as the parent trip in October, Chris had planned on going, but wasn't able to. Ugh. We found out from our coordinator (she's so great by the way) who was on the trip, that Schneider was admitted to the hospital. He ended up staying about three weeks He is out now and improving and gaining weight. Communication is kind of sketchy coming from Haiti, so we don't know what his illness was. I knew when we got this photo update he wasn't well. Yes, he usually looks sad, but this is more than sad. You can see big brother's arm around him. I love that seeing that. Changlais is such an awesome big brother. He's always with Schneider in all the updates we get. It's been 5 months now since we've seen the boys. Do they even remember the week we spent together?

It's kind of numbing... it's been such a long journey. Going back and forth to Haiti, email updates, unexplained illnesses. You kind of start thinking it will always be this way and it begins to get really hard to picture them home, really.

I miss them.

As for home, it's time to update our home study, our fingerprints, as well as our I171 H. It's a lot. We'd appreciate your prayers here as well.
Also, you've may have also read from my husband blog that we've started an adoption ministry. It's been very exciting, but I'll talk about it in the next post.
Thanks for hanging in here with us!


  1. So glad to hear that schneider is doing better,we will keep him in our prayers and we will pray that your papers keep moving through the system well.-Candice

  2. So glad to hear from you ! We missed you on the trip :) I am glad to hear that Schneider is doing better & that you are out of IBESR ! Congratulations !!!!

  3. So sweet how the boys seem to comfort each other. What a blessing to know that they have each other when you can't get there fast enough! Glad to see an update, I've been wondering about you!

  4. We have missed you guys!!! Pete and I have spoken of you guys often and prayed for you as well. I am so glad that Schneider is feeling better. They told us that even a sniffle and they are sent in now days... we were hoping to hear that he was just being checked out. What a blessing that he has such a great big brother Changlais! We are also very happy to hear that you are out of IBISER and moving right along!!! Congratulations guys! ;0) ~ Mare and Pete