Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Unpacking... not so much clothes, we took more food than clothes. Still unpacking the thoughts and lessons experienced while in Haiti. I'm humbled again. Yep, I thought on this trip I wouldn't be affected again by what I've already seen of Haiti. The devastation, the poverty, the longings, the confusion written on the faces of the people of Haiti. I didn't think I would examine that again. I didn't think I would examine those things in comparison to my own life, my own heart again. Not so. I am processing it again, reading God's word and praying over it. I stand in awe of the Lord. He carries all of this and the rest of the hurting world. But, he is not worried, not wringing his hands, not saying... Oh, what am I going to do about this? No, He is... I AM.

When I was on my needs before bed two nights ago, I came to him with thoughts of our trip, concerns and worries for the boys and the other children at the orphanage. It was overwhelming and swirling in my head. But, when I began to pray, all I wanted to say to him was... HOLY, HOLY, HOLY. I could only praise him. Not because of anything in me, but him living in me.


  1. After being there I think God is the only person big enough to take on the needs of Haiti. It is a comfort to me to know that as much as we love our waiting children and want the best for them, that he loves them even more and wants great things for them. It was so great to meet you all , we are praying for evry child and family waiting :)

  2. I get that overwhelming feeling on every trip and it takes awhile for me to process what it all means and what my purpose is but you are right God knows their sorrows and pain and we have to turn it over to him. Maybe as a group we can pray these children home. It was fun getting to know you and Chris better you are kind, compassionate, wonderful people.

  3. This trip was the most intense feelings and deep emotions yet. I am so thankful that we have a loving God who understand Haiti and the needs of our children better that we do. Thank you for sharing your feelings. Pete and I have a very big decision to make very soon and your words give me more strength. We loved having more time with you guys in Haiti. You are such a sweet family! ~Mare

  4. Wow, great post...! I felt like that when I first went to Russia, but it's been so long now and I look forward to being humbled again when I go to Ukraine in a few weeks.

    Thank you for your beautiful words.